Marketing strategies

Growth hacking strategies vs. digital marketing tactics

What's the difference?

Growth Hacking Marketing

Instead of just focusing on driving traffic to a website like traditional marketing does, Growth Marketing focuses on the entire customer journey. From arriving on the site, interacting with the product or service, finding a WOW moment, coming back and buying again, and referral work, Growth Hacking works at every stage to influence users.

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Growth Marketing Funnel

There is a fine line between Growth Marketing tactics and Digital Marketing techniques. There may be confusion among entrepreneurs about which one should be chosen or which one is actually beneficial for them.

In fact, both are important to fuel your company's growth.

Digital marketing often works with the already established marketing strategy where the result is quite obvious and consistent. On the other hand, Growth Hacking involves finding something innovative by experimenting with different ideas.

Growth Marketing uses this test data to analyze the level of consumer satisfaction and come up with an improved solution to retain more consumers and make you loyal customers. These loyal customers will take your business to the next level.

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