Our offices

We're pioneering digital marketing and we can be team-mates. Are you applying for one of our available roles? Here are a few points to consider when visiting our offices.

We understand the importance of creating a productive and inclusive work environment for all our team members, including candidates who visit our premises. Our on-site workplace policy aims to ensure a positive experience for candidates and maintain a professional atmosphere. Here are some key elements of our policy:

1. Scheduling and Arrival:
Candidates will be provided with a scheduled appointment time and clear instructions on how to reach our office.
We encourage candidates to arrive on time to make the most of their visit and allow for a smooth interview process.

2. Dress Code:
We expect candidates to adhere to a professional dress code during their visit.
Attire should be neat, clean, and appropriate for a business setting.

3. Visitor Access:
Access to certain areas may be restricted, and candidates will be accompanied by a staff member throughout their visit.

4. Professional Conduct:
Candidates are expected to conduct themselves professionally and respectfully while on-site.
This includes treating all employees, staff members, and other candidates with courtesy and consideration.

5. Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure:
Candidates may be exposed to sensitive information during their visit, such as ongoing projects or client details.
They are required to maintain strict confidentiality and not disclose any proprietary or confidential information outside of the interview process.


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