Sales Funnel Optimization

Sales Funnel Optimization

It's important to understand your sales funnel and its gaps so you can understand where you're losing leads.


The four main levels of a Sales Funnel are: Awareness , Interest , Decision and Action .

These four levels represent the position of your potential customer.

Each level requires a different approach from us because we want to deliver the right message at the right time

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The first time a consumer makes contact with your website. This may be through a tweet, a Facebook post shared by a friend, a Google search, or anything else.

The interest

When the consumer reaches the interest stage of the funnel, they are doing research, comparison shopping and thinking about their options. This is when we step in with incredible content that helps them but doesn't sell them.


The decision stage of the funnel is when the customer is ready to buy. He or she might be considering two or three options, including you - that's when we need to make them the best offer.

The action

At the bottom of the funnel, the customer takes action. He or she buys your product or service and becomes part of your business ecosystem.

Just because a consumer reaches the bottom of the funnel doesn't mean the work is done. From here we do our best to turn a purchase into 10, 10 into 100 and so on.

How does it work?

A visitor reaches your website through a Google search or a direct link. At this point the visitor might be reading a post or looking through your products. Sometime during this visit, you offer them the opportunity to sign up for your email list.
If the visitor fills out this form, he becomes a potential customer to whom you can now send offers in multiple ways: email, phone, sms - or all three.

These potential customers return to your site when you contact them with special offers, information, discount codes or other messages carefully crafted to attract them.

The sales funnel narrows as visitors go down it: this happens on the one hand because you will always have more interested people at the top of the funnel than buyers at the bottom of it, but also because your message has to become more and more specific.

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