Integrated Marketing Solutions

There is no universal and magical solution to achieve success in

Take advantage of our curiosity and our passion to always stay up to date with
the latest and most effective technologies and tools in our field, to
help you more effectively.

We use both our scientific tools and our intuition and creativity to achieve these goals for your business.

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How we turn ideas into reality


It is also important for us to discover you based on data
accumulated, let's use our tools to value you and give you the optimal growth for your business.

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Cost efficiency and the choice of selling anywhere in the world are some of the main advantages of e-commerce for businesses selling online.

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Joint efforts materialize
in the main objective of every business: generating capital. Optimizing every action, the financial benefits quickly become visible in your project.

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You need a well-defined marketing strategy to understand your customers' needs and so your projects meet and exceed planned goals.

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Paid promotional campaigns are a powerful amplifying tool
your products or services in a short time. Building and optimizing
their controlled maximizes your ROI.

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#1 We constantly implement the latest technologies

we constantly exploit the latest developments and trends in the online market for the benefit of you and your business (yes, we are so passionate that we do not leave the technology in our hands even in our free time!)

passion motivates us to be pioneers in implementing new technologies for you

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#2 ROAS: Return on Ad Spend

• gives us a highly efficient overview of the multitude of campaigns, channels and platforms in real time – allowing us to quickly identify and allocate resources to those with the greatest growth potential for you

#3 Return of Investment

• we constantly play with the numbers that matter so that you come out on top
• we create models that are easy to understand and implement in real time for you to generate added value in your business

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Certified Partners

Our Scaling Workflow

Identifying the position in your market

We analyze your business

We identify the main strengths, but also the existing deficiencies.
This step clarifies what strengths and what risks we are dealing with in relation to competitors in your niche, then all this information will be the basis of our decisions.

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Setting up strategies and objectives

Setting up strategies and objectives

Together we set goals that have the potential to be achieved.

We bring our expertise and experience to build the strategies that work for you. We optimize your marketing budget through carefully thought-out strategies adapted to your specific requirements, as well as to the market.

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Implementation and Optimization

Monitoring and optimizing strategies

The support provided by our team does not stop after we have created and implemented the marketing campaigns; we will continue to monitor key indicators and based on them, we will adjust the strategies until we ensure that we achieve the desired results.

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Our expertise in numbers













Our team

Anda B.

Creative Designer

Tony N.

Customer Relationship

Cerasela T.

Customer Relationship

Tudor B.

Business Data Analyst

Sebastian V.

Strategy Consultant

Victor M.

PPC Specialist

Ana C.

Head of Branding

Tiberius V.

PPC Specialist

Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can any type of business be promoted online?

Yes. Our answer is that any type of business can take advantage of the power of advertising platforms. Any business can use online advertising to reach new customers. We build the ideal customer profile and a suitable approach to maximize the conversion rate.

2. What benefits does collaboration with a marketing agency bring me?

We think you're wondering why it would make sense to partner with a marketing agency, and why someone on your team couldn't handle the advertising.

Well, the short answer is that we can do it better.

A marketing agency specializes and constantly invests to ensure that the product they offer you is top of the line in the industry.

We have access to advanced tools that are far beyond the resources of a layperson.

When it comes to your budget, we can help you use it effectively. This means that the money you invest in marketing will bring in new customers and therefore new sources of income, while your engagement level will decrease. This way you gain time to dedicate yourself to your work. We handle the sales for you.

Coming from the outside, we can offer a much greater degree of objectivity. This will make the decisions we make together innovative and profitable.

3. What budget do I need to start online promotion?

There is no pre-set minimum budget, it is set by mutual agreement according to the sales you want to achieve.

4. Can I double my revenue with PPC campaigns?

With the help of PPC campaigns you can reach the people who need the product or service you offer without being limited by the organic reach of the platforms. With the right strategies you can at least double your turnover.

5. How can I check the results of promotional campaigns?

In order to have a complete picture of the data, the requirements and correlation procedures of the platforms we work with must be strictly followed.

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