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eCommerce SaaS platform

Shopify is a Software as a Service solution that companies use to open online e-commerce stores. Unlike WordPress and Blogger, Shopify builds, hosts, operates and manages websites specifically related to the e-Commerce industry. It is the world's most popular multi-channel content management system, primarily used by small and medium-sized businesses around the world.

Benefits for using a SaaS platform

Shopify has more than one million customers spread across more than 175 countries. Many top companies in the industry, including SpaceX, Hyatt Hotel Corp, RedBull, use Shopify to meet their e-Commerce needs. Shopify eliminates the need to install any website server as it is a Cloud-based service. Users can easily enjoy the benefits of Shopify as the software automatically updates with the addition of new features.

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Speed, Security and Easy to Use

Security is essential for an online business as it deals with confidential, personal and financial information about customers.

Your store will always operate to the highest standards, regardless of the volume of customers or orders.

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Manage your store from your iOS & Android App

Managing the store does not require a long learning time or programming knowledge due to the simple interface
on the back-end. You can manage the online store and from your mobile device through the dedicated mobile app.

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Access to the most advanced sales technologies in the market

From artificial intelligence to data-sharing between stores, Shopify offers these benefits one click of a
button away.

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Artificial Intelligence - "Personalization Engine"

•Learns the behavior and the needs of each type of user

•Adjusts pages by displaying products relevant to user type

Typically the development of this technology
it imposes high costs and is used by the largest
market players such as AMAZON, Walmart, etc.

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Benefit from the automation of the most used workflows

ERP: Allows integration with ERP or WMS systems
Invoicing: Automatic generation of invoices with data taken from orders
Connect Couriers: Automatic generation of AWBs/delivery print-outs and transmission of orders to the courier
Marketplace Integration: Allows you to connect with the most popular marketplaces

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Focus on your business!

A successful entrepreneur is one who does not focus on the technical issues behind the development of his or her website (lines of code, researching the best resources and platforms, etc.). The focus of a successful entrepreneur must always remain on the development in the range of the products or services their business offers.

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